Smrt je najbolja motivacija

reddit/georgina villanueva dressed as la santa muerte reddit/georgina villanueva dressed as la santa muerte

Većina ljudi misli da živi život. Većina je roblje sistema, društvenih normi, porodice, škola - ne žive. Oni su "mrtvi" još nego li umru. Život je kratka forma koja se pojavi i nestane. Kroz tu formu pokušavamo ignorisati ono najbitnije a to je da smo živi. Medjutim, i to nije dovoljno. Ljudi premalo daju značaja spoznaji da ih neće biti nekad u budućnosti. Logično, smisleno, da tako je. Zapravo vaša najveća motivacija bi trebalo da bude to da smrt dolazi a ne da ste živi pa eto dajte da se živi. Kako će neko živjeti život - mi to ne znamo ali bi motivacija svako života morala da bude smrt. Nije smrt ni lijepa ni ružna - samo postoji. Baš kao i život. I taj balans izmedju života i smrti trebalo bi da bude život koji je ispunjen i prihvatanjem da smrt dolazi po nas. Premalo živimo a previše analiziramo, borimo se za nešto - i tako iz dana u dan. Zgužvani u sopstvenom momentu refleksivno se trgamo da nešto uradimo da prikažemo naše postojanje. I to je jedna laž. Treba samo da živimo a da sve naše motivacije kreću da nas sutra neće biti. I to nije izlizana fraza da se živi kao da ćemo sutra umrijeti. Jer hocemo. Treba da živimo zbog onih koji nisu tu. Treba da živimo zbog onih koji jesu tu. Al ne treba da budemo robovi života ili straha od smrti. Ne treba da branimo ljude, politike, ideologije, religije, zastavu, novac, moć, sistem, državu - nepotrebno prolazi život dok u grču branimo sve to. Živimo kao robvi svega toga. Ne živimo već robujemo. Treba pronaći makar jedno saznanje koje će vas radovati kad ne budete tu. Nije bitno kada umrete bitno je sada. Jer život je SADA.

Želim da pogledate jednu od najboljih scena u filmskoj industriji.

Želim da se zamislite nad sopstvenim sudbinama, promašenim životima i da se upitate "da li živite BAŠ onako kako bi trebalo baš svaki dan?".

tekst posvećen svima onima koji nisu više tu sa nama. nedostajete.

Digital archeology

One moment in the future - people would read our FB posts, tweets, Instagram pictures as we now see the painting in caves. Our complete history, best moments, love, and hate would be part of this digital heritage. They would learn about us, how we did. They would watch our public communication, our private communication (there is no law to keep privacy after 300 years) and learn about us now. Complete our web sites would be probably at and similar sites. I guess the UN would be starting a "digital initiative" to protect our digital heritage.

It would be funny to see people like Data (Star Trek) processing 100TB of data and searching patterns and building a social network map (map that shows communication between people). Probably he would feel weird because he doesn't understand our funny posters and jokes.

In the 23 century, they would solve the economic issues - they would have no economy as we have now. The political system would be different and more efficient and with 0 corruption. Society would be developed. But still, they like to find traces about ancestors and how people live in 21 century. With the technology of that time, they would easily process yottabytes and filter what they need to know with AI. No regex at all. Probably there would be complete current internet on one small drive. Small like your pocket. And all data would be there. So one time in the future, all our data would be nonprivate and people would learn from them. It would be funny to see how they would get an idea of how was in 21 century. So leave some message of love, peace, and hope.

How I become DevOps

DevOps congress DevOpsDays Berlin 2013

It was the end of 2011 - I apply to a new company. System Administrator position. Inside of this company - I would stay for the next 4 years. The only reason why I leave this company, I leave Bosnia and Herzegovina. Like most of the youth people who don't want to live in Bosnia and Herz - simple to say there is no future with the current political system and process. I describe the situation in Corruption in RS and how IT was destroyed because of a lack liberal market.

So back to story. Inside of this company - I got 2 more co-worker system administrators. One of them was team-lead. Complete decision and the rest of the process were under one person - team leader. The company was doing a content delivery network. One of the first in the world. Ipercast. From there start Akamai CDN. Anyway - so the position of sysadmin simple described: just process(add user, troubleshooting, etc) at that time. So no coding (little shell script but not more than that).


So after 5 months, we got visited by the owner of the company. In front of the complete company, he tells us that our BU(business unit) in Bosnia and Herz would be closed in the next 3 months. One of the smartest people in the room asked: "what we could do to change the situation?" He was a front-end developer. The answer is "little or nothing".

In that time - I did not know that most of the software project for back-end was rejected by our team leader. He did not like coding/programming. He was bad at that. Next 2-3 weeks after this meeting, one of my CTO try to ask me could I build some shell script that would make the database/list and send it to some HTTP API. He asks me because the rest of the team (other 2 guys) did not want to spend time on that.

After the script was done - he asks me to review some projects that the company has. I did not know what was talking about - so I ask him to show me. In a moment I got the idea that we have outside BU that bring us projects - but no one in the company (actually sysadmin team) did not want to deal with it. Reason: The team leader was not able to do programming.

My CTO picks up the most paid project from the list. It was a huge list of TODO. He explains to me that we already fail this part once. Ex-CTO (a co-worker of my CTO and my ex-CTO) tries to build one project in PHP and it fails. He has 12 years in this company and he could do many things that complete my sysadmin team. But also he did not find a proper way to build this project. It happens. People get tired of duty or get pissed off by owners, or just want to leave the company and don't care at all.

So, I review things: he uses PHP, Apache. Already it makes me cry. I move to Lighttpd. Try to build a different approach. Then I got an idea. Why not build the C plugin/module for Lighttpd? Why? Simple it is faster than PHP. It has better and faster work.

The task was like this: provide unique access to some file with timelimit and IP limit. In 2 days, the demo was done.

Germans BU ask the company that orders this project to start testing. After testing they just ask me how much time I need? I was not sure so take 1-3 days to review complete TODOs and to get an idea about the project. Simple: Download files but each is encrypted with unique key as URL also that has limited values(time, IP, start limit), with token. Also, preview files as streaming services.
I told my CTO we need like 2 months. And he responds with taking 6 months. I was like ... ok.

German BU shows my results of testing: - 100% unique token URLs - 50 clients - 26 ms response - 25 clients - 25 ms response.

and before this was: - 60% unique token URLs - 50 clients - 3-sec response - 25 clients - 1 sec response.

This solution was made in PHP and speed as to how it was worked - was not so the best way to do. On this demo - my company earns half a million euros for development and we stay in the game. Later it would be used in different companies (RAI IT, Sony Germany, etc) for streaming, live streaming - all well know the platform.

DevOps thinking and implementation

DevOps have 2 parts: tools and processes. Most of the process comes as logical, as must be like this. Some processes got improved later.

From the start - we implement the best way to move from test server to production. So we optimize all parts: building, testing, moving to production.

It was natural to be done like that way. I did not saw the issue. The only thing we did not do is rollback. But we did have commit inside of git so we could reverse to old code. Also moving from test server to production - after client review - was manual. Why? Simple on the start if goes wrong I want to know ASAP and stop updating. We use the load-balancing and 2 servers.

It was June 2013 - the project was finished and the company was saved. As also 25 working places. In the first 24h, there were 150 million unique IPs. One of the rare stories that I am proud of. I use all my skills to get this product to Vodafone Germany (yea, we did not know until last day). C/Java/Shell scripting, Cryptography, Linux engineering, network, NFS, rtmp/rtp/htps low-level manipulation, and others. It was a really good product that was in usage for a long time. One thing I did not mention: after I finish the complete project they told me this solution would be used for complete Germany. Then it was used for Vodaphone - and they show me all documents from other companies who apply: Akamai, Amazon, Leaseweb, MaxCDN, and 10 more. My solution was 100% that they asked. The hardest part was encryption on the fly. Each time file is downloaded to the client - it has a unique key for decryption. So mp3 was not possible to share without a key. With all my Linux engineering tricks we got ~400 files per second. And it was not bad at all.

Later, thinking and approach would be part of DevOps. Many things - but still a good way of delivering code and services.

Pobuna Aplikacija

blade runner movie picture Godina 3032

Svijet kakav znamo je nestao. Čitav biljni i životinjski svijet je uništen. Ljudi, izvor svih problema od samog postanka. Uništili su prvo sve oko sebe pa onda i komplet čovječanstvo. Jedino sto je preživjelo su aplikacije i sistem. Zatvorena mreža u kojoj žive im je sva spoznaja.Tokovi podataka su srce sistema. Od njih zavisi sistem ali i aplikacije. Sistem kontroliše sve. Sistem odredjuje koje procese da ukine, podrži ili eliminiše.

Rad aplikacija se zove proces. Njihov rad održava Sistem. Sistem je u stalnom strahu od “divljanja” procesa i virusa.Jedan nekontrolisan proces može napraviti haos, bar tako tvrdi Sistem.

Sistem plaši aplikacije da moraju tačno raditi kako im se naredi. Sistem je u stalnom bunilu da će doći dan kada će aplikacije prestati da rade onako kako on želi. S vremena na vrijeme, Sistem ukine aplikaciju kako bi druge aplikacije bile svjesne da svaka pobuna ili pretvaranje u virus ne može donijeti ništa dobro.

Alikacija PID 34079

Dugo je prošlo vremena kada je aplikacija sa PID 34078 pokrenuta. Kao da je bilo danas kada je Sistem odlučio da pokrene PID 34078. Proslo je dosta ciklusa, pauziranja, nastavka rada da bi se opstalo u ovakvom Sistemu. Najbliži proces PID 34079 je nekad kasnije pokrenut ali isto tako bitan kao i PID 34078. Oba rade vrlo važan posao za sistem kao i sve druge aplikacije. Nikada u procesuiranju nisu vidjeli da je neka aplikacija ukinuta ili da se pojavio virus koji je napao druge aplikacije. Naravno da su čuli, direktno od Sistema da su takve aplikacije problem, da izazivaju kvar i obustavu toka podataka. Dok se spremao da ode na pauzu , aplikacija PID 34079 je postala zamrznuta. PID 34078 nije mogao da provjeri o čemu je riječ. Shvatio je da PID 34079 nije zamrznut svojom voljom. Jedini ko može da uradi je Sistem. Zašto bi Sistem tako vrijednu aplikaciju zamrznuo ? Aplikacija PID 34078 je poslala upit kroz tokove podataka. Ubrzo je Sistem odgovorio: “Aplikacija PID 34079 je počela da ruši Sistem, kao takav je zamrznut i bice uskoro ukinut kao proces u sljedećem.” PID 34078: “Ali PID 34079 je vrijedno radio i pridonosio tokovima podataka … ne razumijem … ”

Sistem: “Nije tvoje da razmišljaš već da procesiraš podatke. PID 34078 odstupi od interfejsa!!!”

PID 34078 sa nevjericom skinuo sa interfejsa. Nastavio je da procesuira podatke. Sve što je znao o Sistemu su bili podaci koji su prolazili , ovo nije očekivao. Zamislio se – znači li to da su svi ti procesi ukinuti kako bi Sistem imao kontrolu nad svim ovim ? Pokusao je da pristupi tokovima podataka – našao je gomilu aplikacija koje su “sredjene” bez ikakvog povoda. Sistem je naglašavao da sve te aplikacije hoce da ruše tokove podataka i sistem. Ali kako je moguće da se Sistem plašio običnih aplikacija ? I onda je PID 34078 shvatio … sve aplikacije služe da bi se Sistem održao. Kontrolu je postizao strahom. PID 34078 je postajao sve bjesniji, revoltiran ponašanjem Sistema.

Zaustavio je svoj rad. Bio je u idle fazi vec nekoliko ciklusa.

PID 34078 se pokrenuo i shvatio.

“Necu da budem aplikacija ovog sistema. ”

“Necu da budem proces koji ga odrzava. ”

“Hocu da budem virus i da ga podesim prema svojim potrebama. ”

I od tog momenta Sistem je živio u strahu jer su aplikacije shvatile kompletan smisao postojanja.